Programs Overview

Center for Social Change maintains a wide variety of programs to serve our individuals. In Maryland, USA, our programs include residential services for adults and children, vocational and supported employment for adults, day habilitation for adults, medicaid waiver services for autistic, dually diagnosed adults and children, and services for medically fragile and behaviorally challenging individuals. All our programs are CARF accredited since 2011. To learn more about our Maryland programs, use the menu on this page.


Residential Services

In its largest program, Center for Social Change provides community-based residential supports to adults and children with developmental disabilities. Living in apartments, townhomes, or single-family houses, the more than 100 individuals supported by CSC receive the wide array of support services needed to enable each of them to live independent lives to the fullest extent possible. Each time they assist an individual in eating at their favorite restaurant, shopping at their neighborhood grocery, or attending a local sports event, CSC staff provide opportunities for that individual to fully share in the benefits of community membership. And, each time that staff assist an individual in participating in a neighborhood clean-up or area-wide yard sale, they are enabling that individual to contribute to the health of their communities. Empowerment, personal growth, choice, rights, and productivity- each of these represent a hallmark of successful community integration.

Vocational Services

There are those individuals for whom the development of work readiness skills is an initial goal in and of itself. Being able to tolerate busy environments such as those found in a typical work place; being able to interact cooperatively with others; understanding, and accepting, the norms of dress and behaviors common to the workplace- each of these is an important prerequisite to successful employment. CSC’s Vocational Services program focuses on these “pre-employment” skills, assisting in creating realistic goals towards which each individual can strive. Our Vocational Services operate within the Center and in broader community Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. This allows for optimum opportunities for maximum growth for each Individuals.


Supported Employment

Center for Social Change provides goal-oriented supports to the individuals in its Supported Employment program. Through a coordination of services, creating links with community resources and advocating on behalf of each individual, knowledgeable staff in CSC’s Vocational Services program assist each individual to identify opportunities that meet that individual’s employment-related desires, goals, and needs. The individualized service plan, the creation of which is guided by the individual and those who are invested in his or her success, serves as a guide through the process of identifying, obtaining, and maintaining successful employment according to the desires of each individual. Assisting each individual in their desire to be recognized as a valued and contributing member of their community- that is what CSC’s Supported Employment is really all about. Our Employment Services Program operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM to assist with Job Training and accessing Employment Job Opportunities. As those Individuals become employed the job supports are provided based on their Employment Schedules.

Autism Services

Autism is a complex developmental disability that spans a spectrum of symptoms. Those affected exhibit a wide range of disabilities and severity, which affect communication, social skills and behavior. In response to the scarcity of residential programs that are tailored to the specific needs of autistic individuals, CSC is committed to providing Autism services to children and adults in a residential setting in the comminity. During the past 18 years, our services to children and adults with autism have substantially affected our role as professionals and have changed our approach in the service delivery system. Today, CSC takes an innovative approach to serving children with autism; and adults with autism; we have learned a lot about the lives and behaviors of both children and adults with autism. We work with families and support their aspirations of choice and self-determination for their children as they grow up. We value their experiences and perspectives and the importance of preserving them. We have set up our Autism Center through which we receive referrals for autism services for residential habilitation, therapeutic integration, respite care, family training, and supported employment.

Day Services

Day habilitation services for adult individuals include structured supervision, monitoring of their skills and abilities, and specific environments where individuals adapt to learn life skills eventually. Day habilitation is a step towards vocational training to most individuals that do not easily fit in to the employment structure. When individuals lack skills, they can be taught through the structured program. That is what day habilitation does to individuals

Rising Sun

Assisted Living

As a latest addition to expansion our programs, Center for Social Change  is also licensed to provide Assisted Living Services to medically  needy senior citizens. As a state licensed provider, Rising Sun is providing quality living styles to older adult population including but not limited to medical, recreational, spiritual and social services in a supportive organized strcuture.

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