Autism Services


Residential Rehabilitation

CSC provides residential rehabilitation services to children and adults with autism in a community setting. Those individuals who cannot live at home because of poor social skills, communication skills and severe behavioral issues, CSC manages them in structured homes with supervision, training in safe and supportive environments. Children are placed in group homes after careful scrutiny of their background. We provide rehabilitation services to adults qualified for the service in licensed group homes up to four individuals or in three person ALUs in most counties of Maryland. Services are designed to assist the individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings. The program is also designed to provide a home-like, therapeutic and safe environment. To acquire the skills and resources for group or independent living. CSC’s Autism trained staffs will work closely with the individual's team, including the service coordinator for the individual, in order to provide stability and structure to the individual during the placement. Center for Social Change CSC, a pioneer in the field of successfully integrating individuals diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities into mainstream communities in the United States.

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