Residential for Children



Center for Social Change offers residential programs to children with developmental disabilities and an array of support services in the program. Living in a home in the community with 24 hour support services enables children with developmental disabilities to be part of community life. We promote empowerment, self-esteem, personal growth, independence and productivity.
CSC also supports families of children with developmental disabilities by advocacy, training and encouragement for reunification of their children. It strengthens family units and encourages family-based care to children with disability at their biological parents’ home. CSC enhances the well-being of children and youth by addressing their health, education, safety, economic issues, previous maltreatment and disability issues.
All children with or without developmental disabilities, behavioral issues, medically fragile, and autistic, are eligible for admission to CSC’s residential program. Referrals are made by the Department of Social Services of all Counties of Maryland, and by DDA of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Contact the local DSS worker with eligibility questions, and Resource Coordinators of Service Coordination for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Behaviorally Challenging

CSC has the sensitivity and the skills for serving children with many complex behaviors. Children enjoy their lives in settings where they make choices about menus, activities, the decor of their homes, and the staff who support them. In instances where the children are not capable of exercising their choice, surrogate decision makers assist in the task. With programs designed and facilitated by a behavior specialist, children learn to develop self-control, identify stressors, and signs that lead to other behaviors and loss of control. Programs are developed utilizing the least restrictive techniques. Those requiring more intensive intervention are approved and monitored by CSC’s Standing Committee, a committee that has outside members to ensure quality of care. Staffs are trained to competence before programs can be implemented, and all revisions require additional training. Great care is taken in the planning and development of our behavioral program sites, including location, number of children served, program needs of the children, staff skills and training and community at large.

Medically Fragile

Serving medically fragile children in a community setting is an important part of CSC’s mission. The children we serve live in spacious, warm, colorful environments with cable television, video games, stereo music, and toys. Interaction with staff and other children in the homes gives each child the opportunity to learn social and independent living skills. They attend schools for children with special needs. CSC provides all the assistance they need for their academic as well as personal growth.

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