Residential for Adults


Center for Social Change offers residential programs to adults with developmental disabilities in the community. The program includes a wide array of support services to enable them to live relatively independent lives. CSC has been providing community residential service in all aspects of community life up to 24 hours support to adults with developmental disabilities since 1993. We promote their empowerment, personal growth, choice, rights, and productivity.

CSC also supports the families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our program strengthens family units and encourages family-based care to individuals with disabilities at their own homes. CSC enhances well-being of all individuals with developmental disabilities by addressing their health, education, safety, economic issues, previous maltreatment and disability issues.

All individuals with developmental disabilities who are eligible to receive State funding under the Developmental Disabilities Administration in Maryland may qualify for CSC residential services in that State. The Central Maryland Regional office of DDA can be reached by calling 410-902-4500 with eligibility questions.

Alternate Living Unit ( ALU )

ALU is the residential program for individuals with severe and profound disabilities. An ALU is a home or an apartment that accommodates up to three individuals. 24-hour staff supervision includes assistance with health related appointments, clothing and grocery shopping, social activities, and special events. The home is licensed by the Office of Health Care Quality, the licensing and monitoring agency of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Maryland. Each home meets the quality standards of State regulations which determine ongoing residential programs for individuals with disabilities.

Group Home

Small Group Homes that accommodate up to four adults are licensed homes in the community. They resemble an ALU, except for the number of individuals that live in such a home.

Community Supported Living Arrangement (CSLA)

CSLA is a program designed for adults who are at higher functioning levels. The program envisions specific objectives that are accomplished within a period of time. These individuals are able to make their own choice towards their growth and independence. An individual in the CSLA program selects his/her home, roommate, CSC staff, supports, and makes decisions that affect his/her lifestyle. They receive more traditional supports from the community to maintain a lifestyle that is totally determined either by the individual or his/her family.

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