Edwin Burtwell

Before taking up residence with Center for Social Change nearly 18 years ago, Edwin B. had lived with both of his sisters. But, Edwin’s behaviors, which led to frequent hospitalizations, had made this difficult for all involved. After one hospitalization, staff at the hospital recommended Center for Social Change as a place that might be able to provide the stability and security under which Edwin could thrive. Upon that recommendation, his family visited CSC on several occasions, met with CSC staff a number of times, and ultimately decided that what CSC was offering did, indeed, make it sound as if CSC would be the best place for Edwin to live.

Now, these many years later, Edwin’s sister notes that Edwin is “doing much better; he goes out to work, and seems okay with where he is living”. She appreciates how much more Edwin will talk on the phone with her, and other family members, and how Edwin always asks about his nephew and other family members. She believes that Edwin enjoys receiving these calls, especially when she calls to wish him a happy birthday. During her last birthday call, Edwin commented on how old he was growing, and enjoyed being reminded that it was his birthday. Edwin’s sister notes that he is less likely to be going “back and forth” in his behavior now; he might still have some episodes that could lead to hospital visits, but he sticks to a regimen that allows him to be more healthy and stable.

If one were to ask Edwin what he believes his greatest success to be, his sister believes that he would describe his increasing independence and living on his own, not under the care of his family. He appreciates that he is doing well, and that he gets to choose what he wants to do, and how he wants to do it

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