Halloween Party 2018

On Halloween night, entering Center for Social Change is a bit different to say the least. In preparation for this year’s Halloween party, the day program had activities involving pumpkin carving and painting which were then on display along the walk to the entrance. The front entranceway was decorated with pictures of ghosts, scary clowns, witches and skeletons. As everyone continued inside down the long hallway it was lined on both walls with jack-o-lanterns, scary props and pictures, and spiders hanging in their webs. Participants came to the party excited to dance in their ghoulish costumes. Batman, Spider man, a werewolf and Count Dracula were all present and accounted for among many others. People engaged one another and compared and admired costumes. As the evening neared its end, all were getting hungry. Everyone enjoyed pizza, wings, ice cream and candy. The event was once again a huge success and The Center for Social Change is committed to making this event better in years ahead.

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