Disney On Ice

Center for Social Change arranged a trip to the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore to see the show Disney on Ice: Let’s celebrate. This show has never been so popular before amongst the individuals here at CSC. Thirty-one individuals went along with their staff, for a total of 56 attending. We also had six children go from our children homes program, assisted by their staff. We received great positive reviews about the show from so many of them. The show was based on more than 50 different Disney characters ice skating and performing dance and several acts. It was hosted by Micky and Minnie Mouse, which pumped up our Disney fans. Most importantly, the show had a positive message and left many feeling inspired to follow their heart and live life to the fullest. Of course, when you have fun, time flies. This afternoon was no different. On the way to their homes, some were singing and dancing to the Disney songs played at the show.

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