Christmas Party 2021

Center for Social Change held their Christmas Party after two years. COVID-19 was the reason for the cancellation of last year’s Christmas Party for the safety of our individuals and staff. This year we managed to have our annual Christmas Party along with a great year of lots of activities and events since restrictions were eased in our state.
The Christmas Party was held at the Ten Oaks Ballroom. It was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths throughout the room, and other holiday decorations. The DJ also added red and green lighting to get everyone more into the holiday spirit. He also played holiday hits along with great songs many enjoyed dancing to.
The food was brought to the tables and served to all individuals and staff. It was a delicious meal with cookies and cakes for desert. Upon finishing the food, we handed out award certificates to all the houses for participating in the Christmas Decorating House Contest. All took part and did an amazing job decorating the CSC homes. Each home will be rewarded with a pizza party in the early new year.
The best part of the party is obviously when gifts are distributed. We had two Santa Clauses and one Elf helping pass out presents to all the individuals. The night was magical and everyone left so happy with their gifts.

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