Carnival 2017

CSC hosted this year’s carnival in celebration of the July 4th holiday. Everyone was excited for the celebration with many fun activities and delicious food. The outside of the program was decorated in red, white, and blue. Many games were enjoyed to include soccer pool, shark attack, quarterback pass, and, the most liked game, the royal flush dunk tank. Many volunteered to participate and get completely soaked. Music was played on the patio and many enjoyed dancing. We also had amazing face painting as well 4th of July themed temporary tattoos and glittery stickers. The photographer made sure to capture this wonderful carnival with many posing with patriotic Uncle Sam hats as well as head boppers and many other props. After all the games and activities, everyone enjoyed hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs among many other delicious choices of food available. When having fun, time flies way too quickly. Soon it was time for everyone to say good bye and head home with smiles on their faces, looking forward to the holiday.

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