Michael Dellangelo

For many parents, the decision to move their adult child with a developmental disability from their home to the care of another is a difficult one. For some who made such decisions long ago, it is often difficult for them to remember what went into the decision-making. But, even if the details are lost to their memory, they do still know that what motivated them was a desire to create opportunities for their child to grow and thrive.

While Michael D’s dad doesn’t exactly remember how he first learned about CSC approximately 12 years ago, he does remember that what struck him was that “Center for Social Change was a good organization”. There was something intangible, perhaps, about what he learned CSC would be able to provide for Michael as he began his journey towards greater independence. And on the basis of that assessment, Michael’s family decided that this where they wished Michael to live.

As Michael’s dad looks back now at the progress that Michael has made, he notes, with little hesitation, that the most significant way in which Michael has grown is in his ability to behave more appropriately with others, including his family. Michael’s enhanced self-control makes it possible for his dad to pick him up fairly regularly to come home for the weekends, where Michael clearly enjoys being able to hang out in his own room, watching TV or working on his puzzles. It is the freedom to do what he wants that seems to make Michael the happiest, which is something that obviously makes his dad happy, as well.

Michael’s dad also notes Michael’s increased skills in developing relationships with others, skills which Michael did not always demonstrate. This allows Michael and his dad to enjoy going out to eat together often, something that both enjoy a great deal, or just to spend time together at home.

Michael’s dad sums up his feelings best when he says that he is, simply, “satisfied with Michael as he is”.

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