CSC Asia


Position Job Coach Associate
Status Active
Location Baltimore/Howard/P.G Counties, MD
Program Supported Employment Program for Adults
Supervisor Volunteer Coordinaor (410-579-6789) 

Volunteer Opportunity Help our individuals with developmental disabilities become employable in the cummunity. A dedicated volunteer can help an individual that seeks employment in the community by training him/her in vocational skills, transporting him/her for interviews, help him/her to prepare resume for the job, besides being a good friend to the individual by positively motivating that individual. Help the individual to start, plan, promote, and maintain his/her micro business such as a flower business, cleaning business etc. Help the individuals look for jobs every time the individual has a need either because employers do not need them any more or individuals get terminated due to various reasons at the job. Help them to grow as a positive person in the community simply by being a good friend to them at any time you have a will and time to

Required Skills

An volunteer's skills in the area of job development training resume writing interviews etc are always an asset to the individual. However willingness to understand the limitation of the individual in finding a job in a competitive market is the best skill an volunteer can have for this position.