CSC Asia


Position Friendly Visitor
Status Active
Location Baltimore/Howard/P.G Counties, MD
Program Multiple Programs for Adults and Children
Supervisor Volunteer Coordinaor (410-579-6789). 

Volunteer Opportunity


 Enhance the life of an individual with developmental disabilities by visiting in person or by phone and become a compassionate listener and pal. Our individuals live in community homes, go to work or school/day program and return home tired, stressed and sometimes upset. If you are a friendly visitor during the evening to one of their homes, you might be able to spend some time with this individual in assisting him/her in cooking, cleaning, or playing games or watching a movie together, or simply spending time with him/her talking. Sometimes, as a friendly visitor, you can take him/her out of her/his home/apartment (mostly located in Baltimore/PG/Howard Counties) for an evening walk or sometimes dinner if that is permissible. Great opportunities for a volunteer to be a friendly visitor visiting our individuals during week ends, week day evenings. Individuals love to spend long day activities such as going to church, park, swimming pool, fishing, zoo, shopping etc. If you can be a friendly visitor, they will tell you where they want to go.


Required Skills


 Good listening skills, Patience, Interest in people, Respect for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Good driving record and should be able to drive a company car if one does not want to drive own car. Training will be provided.We will do background check on you as is required under law. We also need references. At the completion of your volunteer program we would recognize your service at our Annual Day which is Center for Social Change day in Maryland on November 8 every year {declared by Governor Martin O'Malley in 2008]