CSC Asia

Non Administrative

Position Direct Care Associate
Status Active
Location Baltimore/Howard/P.G Counties, MD
Program Residential Program for Adults



Be supportive of the individuals under the care and supervision of the Associate. Be involved in the lives of the individuals who may want to do things differently from what others would do. Be always supportive by assisting the individuals in daily activities, medication management, transportation, goal planning, and in various other duties assigned to the associate. Please review other positions also to exactly know the job responsibilities that are required for this position too.


Requirements (established by supervisor)


 A Direct Care Associate should be a committed person for the cause of the individual or individuals that the Associate cares for. Though this is a job by itself it is a commitment that the Associate will make by entering into the lives of people with disabilities. The Associate works flexible hours and it is not a Full Time position.


Credentials and Experience (established by supervisor)


Minimum requirement is a High School Diploma. Clean background and valid Maryland driver's license with less than two points at any time are required. Training in state mandated trainings will be an added advantage for this position. If one does not have trainings, they will be provided at no cost to the candidate.  Hours are flexible and need to be adjusted against the choice of the individuals that the candidate works with in a structured enviornment. Core trainings prior to employment are a requirement [Core trainings are given every week.] Physical with T.B. test completed should be submitted prior to start of employment. Please also refer to other positions to understand the requirements for this position too.