CSC Asia

Non Administrative

Position Direct Care-Awake Overnight
Status Active
Location Baltimore/Howard/P.G Counties, MD
Program Residential Program for Adults



 This position demands work to begin at 11:00PM by taking over full charge of the individuals in the home from the day shift staff. The person who holds this position will first make sure that all individuals in the home are safe upon taking over the charge of the shift. The person on this position must be awake at all times because it is an awake overnight position.This is to assure safety and health of the individuals under his/her care. This position expects the person who holds it to complete any pending paper work from the day shift or any other shift staffs' work that have been working in the homes or as asked by the supervisor. Individuals need help with waking up in the morning, a few might need total help for waking up, and they would need assistance in getting ready for work or for going to their day programs. The person who works in this position will assure that. The person who works in this position will also assist the individuals with their transportation that normally arrives the home in the morning during week days, but not during week-ends or on holidays. Individuals receive healthy and nutritious breakfast from the awake overnight person in charge.Breakfast should be served as per each individual's menu. Individuals receive specific menu-based lunch while going off to the day program and it should be the awake overnight person's responsibility to pack the lunch in their lunch bags and accompany them to the day program vehicles before they board their vehicles. All individuals under the care of the person in charge should be well groomed, properly dressed according to weather, or else, it can be considered neglect. This position sometimes requires that the employee stays back at the home after scheduled hours, generally 7:00AM until all the individuals are picked up by the day program transportation. Employee cannot leave individuals by themselves without supervision. or else it will be considered neglect, Individuals have to be properly medicated by following the MTTP rules and procedures. Employee should have passed the MD Board certified medication administration course prior to working in this position. Employee should also be CPR and First Aid certified to be working in this position. The awake overnight person is also responsible to implement each indivdual's Plan as written. Goals should be implemented as written in the individual's Plan. Proper documentation should be maintained for all individuals by the awake overnight person holding this position at all times. Before ending the shift at 7:00 AM the next day, the person in this position should make sure that the house especially the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and outside of the home, is kept in good condition and meets all licensing standards. All individuals' rooms must be kept organized, the laundry must be done, all lights should be turned off, heat or air conditioning should be set at right temperature. The person in charge of this position should also check all windows and doors to assure safety for company property in the home and for all properties of all individuals that the person cared for., Company vehicle should be secured prior to the shit person leaves work.. There are always other duties that may periodically be assigned to the person holding this position by his/her supervisor.


Requirements (established by supervisor)


 This position requires total commitment in taking care of vulnerable individuals with disabilities. This is a night shift position and the employee cannot sleep on the job. If the employee is found sleeping on the job the employee will be terminated and the employee will be held accountable for individuals' health and safety. The lives of two to three individuals are in the hands of this person who occupies this position. This position requires honesty and integrity in completing the job. This job also needs service mindedness and dedication and it cannot be taken light as a time pass. There cannot be an excuse for not performing one's given responsibilities during the shift. All employees should call in every two hours an assigned number to report the status of the individuals under their care. There will be specific criteria that this position will have to meet to comply with not only the company's policies but also the policies of the State of Maryland under COMAR


Credentials and Experience (established by supervisor)


This position requires minimum of High School Diploma. Someone with experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities has an added advantage to this position. The position prefers people with CPR/ First Aid Certificates and MTTP certification.All employees require DDA trainings. However, there are certain core trainings [Offered every week] without which the employee cannot begin employment. If one does not have these trainings, the trainings will be given to the employees at no cost to the position. Employee should sign up for the required trainings at the time of signing an employment with the company. All employees have to receive such trainings within three months as required.The position also requires other mandated trainings on various subjects in order to work with the individuals and it has a time limit too. This shift position is from 11:00PM to 7:00AM and is an Awake Overnight position. There are two shifts during a week. One shift is from Monday through Wednesday every week for 24 hours. The other shift is from Thursday through Sunday every week for 32 hours. The position requires clean background and should have a minimum of two professional references and another reference recognized by the company. The position also requires a valid Maryland driver's license with less than two points at any time. The position requires periodic drug testing of the employee as and when needed at no cost to the employee. The position demands good physical and mental health, and a doctor's recent health evaluation with T.B. test completed prior to beginning employment. We understand that employees work different jobs, but this job is not meant for someone who has worked for the whole day and likes to sleep while giving the impression that it will be awake overnight. if one is not prepared to be awake the whole night, please do not apply for this position.